Cheap Hunting Trips


Like the name says, this site is about cheap and affordable hunting trips and how to locate them. Most every hunter loves to watch all the great hunting shows on TV where the host or celebrity has the chance to hunt some type of game on a trip. But the truth is, the average hunter will probably never have the opportunity to take any of those hunts or hunting trips.

Why? The cost associated with hunting trips (at least for most people) is too great. Let's face it, hunting trips aren't cheap, and can cost an arm and a leg. The trip itself costs money, not to mention any travel, lodging, and food. These costs will place many of these trips out of the financial reach of most people. As a result, a great many hunters will automatically remove themselves from these opportunities based on the belief that they can't afford them.

Deer Hunting Trip

However, if you shop around and know where to look, you can find some great deals on various hunting trips. The trick is knowing where to look, how to identify a good deal, and how to take advantage of the opportunity. If you are willing to take the time and look in the right places, some excellent affordable hunting opportunities are available.

To help with this, I'm going to talk about some of the following points:

  • The different types of hunting trips
  • Identify the different types of hunts (guided, self-guided, etc.)
  • How and where to locate good hunting trip deals
  • How to negotiate arraignments to save the most money
  • How to save money on travel
  • How to prepare for the hunt

Although some of the points listed above may sound like very basic information, it is important to understand as the best hunting opportunities are generally found in a "niche" between professional guided hunts and self-guided hunts. We'll get more into that later.

Turkey Hunting

In the end, my goal is to provide you with enough information so you can truly save money on your next hunting trip. Much of what I discuss within this site is not based on theory or conjecture, but on personal experiences or the personal experiences of some of my close friends. I've gone through some "trial and error" types of experiences with some hunts, so let my experiences and mistakes save you some time and money. I've learned from experience that some shortcuts on hunting trips aren't worth it, while others are. Some will save you money while others will end up costing you money.

As you go through the information I've provided, feel free to follow any of the links to resources or sites that can help. Note that some of the links will point to Ebay® as this is a reputable sales portal.