Moose Hunting Trips

Moose are recognized as the largest species within the deer family. In North America and Canada, this species is known as "moose", while in Europe they are referred to as "Elk". Although moose are in the deer family, they posses antlers that are completely unique to the species. While most other members of the deer family have antlers that originate from 2 central beams, moose antlers can originate from as many of 4 beams and will also flatten out at various points. As well as being the largest species in the deer family, moose also possess the largest antlers of any species in that family.  Antlers of a full grown bull moose can weight nearly 60 lbs at the peak of the mating season. Depending on the time of year and geography, male moose weight anywhere between 800 and 1200 lbs, with trophy animals pushing nearly 1400 lbs.

Moose Hunting

Moose populate the northern portion of North America, including almost all of Canada, most of Alaska, much of northern New England, the upper Rocky Mountains, Northeastern Minnesota, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Although not indigenous, moose have also been successfully introduced into Newfoundland. Mating starts in September and continues until late October. Bulls of the species compete for females and will occasionally fight for dominance during mating. In most cases, bulls will parallel and posture each other to assess who is the larger. Most contests don't get physical as the smaller of the males will submit and leave the area. Most combat occurs when the males are close to equal in size. Due to their size and aggressive nature during mating season, the physical combat can cause serious injury.

Full grown moose have few natural predators. A grizzly bear is the only carnivore large enough to overtake a mature moose. Injured moose and calves can fall prey to bears as well as a pack of wolves. As moose will drop their antlers after mating season, it's important to plan your hunt around and just prior to the mating season. As mentioned before, moose are large and hearty animal. They will require a high caliber round with plenty of force to take one down cleanly. Also note that geography and time of season will require in depth planning as weather conditions can be very cold and quick changing.

Moose Hunting trip

Although I haven't had the opportunity to personally take a moose, it is something I hope to be able to do one day. Bull moose have one of the most impressive racks of all the deer species.

If you are planning an upcoming moose hunt, here are a few hunts being offered:

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